Sunday, 8 April 2012

More Cool Weather

Saturday was another disappointingly cool day with virtually no sunshine. 

We didn’t visit the plot put off by the cool weather. I’m not too worried about delaying sowings made directly in the plot whilst the weather remains as cool as it is. Our parsnips, potatoes and carrots are the crops due to be sown and planted but delaying planting potatoes by a few days shouldn’t be a problem and I don’t think carrot seed would germinate so well at the moment. I’d like to get our parsnips in soon as they benefit from a long growing season and are slow to germinate.

The poor weather has given me some time to sort out our holiday video from Scotland. We took some long walks alone the Caledonian Canal and watched this cargo vessel negotiate the locks at Fort Augustus before the swing bridge opened allowing it to sail up Loch Ness towards Inverness. 

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  1. I haven't direct sown anything yet, I'm still waiting for the weather to improve a little first.


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