Sunday, 22 April 2012

Missed Them Again

We missed the showers again on Saturday and with some sunny intervals it felt a bit warmer than of late.

We made the most of the weather on the plot planting more potatoes and tidying up around the strawberry plants. The grass paths really need cutting and in some beds weeds or self sown seedlings of various flowers and vegetables have sprung up in abundance. But they’ll just have to wait awhile until we’ve got some planting done. 
Beneath this mass of greenery are 2 beds and a path which were cleared of weeds ready for digging a couple of weeks ago. So we’re not likely to run out of jobs on the plot.
Most of our potatoes are now planted. These are our second early potatoes planted on Saturday one row of Winston and Nadine and two rows each of Nicola and Charlotte.

I’ve got some seed potatoes left, mostly Winston, as I haven’t planted any bags of potatoes on the plot. These would normally grow on in the greenhouse to provide some early new potatoes but I decided it was more of a priority to plant our outdoor crop which provides the bulk of our potatoes for storing.

I don’t know how long our seed potatoes will remain in a usable condition but I thought I might try successional plantings to give us some new potatoes later in the season. I’m planning on planting these outdoors, perhaps around the middle of May and mid June if the tubers last that long. Obviously there might be a problem with blight growing potatoes late into the autumn but we have avoided blight for the last two poor summers. The trial is on.


  1. I'm still planting my potatoes in containers every couple of weeks to stagger the harvest. No point them all being ready at once, though I'm sure they'd store ok.

  2. I think I'm sort of pinching your idea but growing in the ground rather than containers.

  3. I do like a potato experiment. I tried succession planting this year but it got too hot in our summer for the later plantings to set many tubers.


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