Thursday, 5 April 2012

A Half Expected Dilemma

Wednesday was much more like Winter than Spring. Some much needed wet weather arrived as snow rather than rain and together with strong winds made for a very unpleasant day. To add insult to injury the temperature only managed 6°C at its best.
Sowing seeds early under our grow light always had the possibility of young seedlings needing to be transplanted and moved into our cold greenhouse when weather conditions weren't really suitable. Well it's happened.
These antirrhinum “Snap Happy” and our celery “Victoria F1” and celeriac "Giant Prague” are certainly ready to be transplanted to give them a bit more growing space but the greenhouse temperatures have been down to freezing the last couple of nights. Perhaps a little over crowding is better than being frosted. Our young tomato plants will need to be moved into the greenhouse soon so I'm hoping for an improvement in over night temperatures.

The good news is that this April won't be as dry as last year as we’ve already had 6 times more rainfall this year. Last April produced only 2.4mm of rainfall and so far we've had 14.6mm this year. Every cloud does have some sort of silver lining!


  1. It's a much brighter day today. We just need it to warm up a tad now.

  2. I think it might just be a one off. After all it's a Bank Holiday weekend coming up.


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