Friday, 26 November 2010

Winter scarf

Thursday just got colder with the temperature struggling to just 2.4°C by the afternoon. We missed the snow which affected other parts of Yorkshire. These were the temperatures across West Yorkshire at 14:00 on Thursday.
From 03 Weather 2010

I was glad I gave our tree fern its winter scarf yesterday to keep it protected from the cold.
From 03 Weather 2010
It survived last year with temperatures down to -6.5°C and a prolonged period of cold weather. Its scarf is horticultural fleece pushed into the crown and fixed by intertwining around the base of sturdy fronds.
From 03 Weather 2010
It’s now making sure the crown of the plant doesn’t dry out so on any milder days I will remove its scarf and moisten the crown.


  1. Love that tree fern, i've always wanted one. Weathers been quite nice here, clear skies for miles, cold but nice out in the sun :)

  2. Our tree fern's now outgrown its wooden container. I think I'll have to build a new one around the tree fern.
    We've got a dusting of snow today. The temperature seems stuck around zero or below.


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