Saturday, 13 November 2010

Autumn leaves blown away

Friday continued windy with the occasional squally shower and some sunny periods. The gale force winds of the last couple of days have certainly cleared the trees in our garden of their autumn leaves. Our medlar has lost it beautiful autumn colour.
From 03 Weather 2010

Not that they’ve blown away, just fallen off and left on the ground. I might collect them up and try rotting them down in a black bag or maybe put them all in a large heap under the shrubs to provide a winter home or at the least somewhere for the blackbirds to forage over winter.


  1. You would make a good meteorologist GL! Ever thought about giving up your current profession to make it onto the old TV set? :D

  2. Nothing to do with me Craig - this is Mr GL's blog.

  3. Hi Craig
    Keeping a note on the weather we've had is one thing but predicting what we'll get is something I'll leave to the experts!
    Mr GL


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