Monday, 11 January 2010

Slow thaw

A summary of all the weather data collected for November and December 2009 has been added to our web site. Click here to visit these web pages.
Note for Sunday 10th
Temperatures eased today to allow a slow thaw to start through part of the day. There were a few further light snow flurries throughout the day but no appreciable fall of snow. Temperatures remain below minimum values for the time of year.
From 2010 Weather 1
Note for Saturday 9th
Just positive
Temperatures were below zero most of the day. However, by 22:30 temperatures were on the increase and made positive values for the only time in the day. Some forecasts are for more snow tomorrow and Monday so it seems unlikely we will get rid of the snow anytime soon.
Note for Friday 8th
Sub zero – all day
This was the first day for us that the temperature remained below zero all day. Just a few more snow flurries late in the evening.
Note for Thursday 7th
Even colder
The average temperature only managed -2.7°C yesterday the coldest of this spell so far. The only positive hourly temperature reading was at 14:30 with a value of 0.4°C. I think this image of frozen Britain says everything.
Note for Wednesday 6th
Snow showers
Remained very cold. A few snow showers during the day and evening. If you want to compare winters past with this one I recommend a visit to Paul Hudson’s blog.
From 2010 Weather 1
Leaving supermarket car park in a typical snow flurry

Note for Tuesday 5th
The Great Snowfall
It started to snow before dusk and just continued to fall until the middle of the afternoon. It’s our biggest snowfall for many years.

Note for Monday 4th
No let up
There seems to be no end in sight of the cold spell. Our average temperature for the last 3 weeks should be 5°C. Our actual average temperature since the 18th December has been 0.6°C.
From 2010 Weather 1

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