Monday, 18 January 2010

Cloudy and dry

Note for Sunday 17th
I’m sure the forecast was for some sunshine along with the warmer temperatures. The sun didn’t happen but the weather was milder.

From 2010 Weather 1

Note for Saturday 16th
Temperatures recover
Temperatures returned to near normal today. Rain for most of the morning helped clear away the last of the remaining snow.

From 2010 Weather 1
Note for Friday 15th
Morning rain is clearing away the snow quickly now. Temperatures are also above freezing so the snow may have disappeared by tomorrow. A visit to the allotment this weekend will reveal which of our winter vegetables have survived the cold snap and are still edible.

From 2010 Weather 1

Note for Thursday 14th
A light sprinkling
Just a light covering of snow to re-new the whiteness. That’s what I get for complaining about grimy snow. Temperatures of 6°C forecast for the weekend seem almost tropical.

From 2010 Weather 1

Note for Wednesday 13th
No change
A very dreary day today. Remarkably the temperature varied by less than 1°C all day remaining just above zero. The slow thaw stopped. Black ice became the major hazard on the roads. We had a few more snow flurries in the evening.
Our garden still has plenty of snow.

From 2010 Weather 1
Note for Tuesday 12th
The slow thaw has set in. Everywhere is now dirty. The snow has lost its whiteness and is now a dirty off white and definitely not picturesque by any stretch of the imagination. The temperature remains almost constant through these dull and dreary days, just above zero. It’s time for the snow to go now. It’s outstayed its welcome.

Note for Monday 11th
Snow, sleet, rain

The weather couldn’t make its mind up today. It was dull and cloudy all day. Sometimes it snowed, then it sleeted and sometimes it just rained a bit. It wasn’t as cold as it has been but it was a pretty miserable winters day.


  1. I'm glad it's getting milder, but isn't everything dreary while that happens? Each day brings us closer to spring, though.

  2. Hi Jodi
    Thanks for leaving a comment. I'm looking forward to spring too. The first bulbs should be out next month before the gardening season really gets under way at the begining of April.

  3. Its raining here too - but the snow is not going fast enough. My dh tells me that he's hoping for more snow next week. He's up at Aviemore today - I told him to take the camera - they have loads still up there.

  4. Hi leavesnbloom
    Just a few black piles of snow left now where it was stacked to clear roads and drives. The forecast for us is for more snow next week


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