Monday, 25 January 2010

More cloud

 Note for Sunday 24th
There seems to be no let up in the dull cloudy days. It was a damp and drizzly day. The temperature remains stubbornly below average.

From 2010 Weather 1
Extremes on this day down the years:
Warmest 12.5°C [1918]
Coldest  -12.7°C [1963]
Data from the Met Office Hadley Centre
Note for Saturday 23rd
Cloudy again
Today marks the turning point. Average maximum temperatures increase by 1°C today. I hope the weather is aware of this information.
There are still signs of the snow about. These two pictures were taken of the local supermarket car park where the snow had been cleared into large mounds.

From 2010 Weather 1

Note for Friday 22nd
Trust me to mention it hadn’t rained for a few days. It poured down today to make up.
Note for Thursday 21st
Some sunshine
The sun broke through the clouds for a couple of hours around lunchtime to give us just a hint of a nice January day. It didn’t last and the clouds returned. Since I started keeping weather records in November 2009 the last few days have given us the longest spell of dry weather I’ve recorded. No sun but no rain either.
Note for Wednesday 20th
We are stuck in a spell of dull, murky cold weather from the east.
Note for Tuesday 19th
Cold and Murky
The mild spell didn’t last and temperatures were back below normal again today. It was dull, misty, and murky all day. There’s a battle going on between warm in the west and cold in the east. For us the cold east is winning.
Note for Monday 18th
A dull but milder day. At lunchtime there was a hint that the cloud might break as we had a brief glimpse of pale wintry sun. It lasted for only a few minutes as the cloud won the battle.

Now the weather has become milder it’s a chance to find out how the winter vegetables have survived with or without protection.

From 2010 Weather 1

This Crown Prince squash was in perfect condition. It had been stored in an un-heated greenhouse throughout the cold spell. I suspect that greenhouse temperatures fell close to the minimum of -6.5°C recorded outside in December. I’m surprised that the squash hadn’t turned to mush!


  1. looks amazing and to have staying in one piece with those temperatures is quite something!

  2. It's hard to believe that those horrible dirty heaps were ever piles of snow.


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