Monday, 7 December 2009

Wet then sunny

Note for Sunday 6th
Wet early on, clearing with sunny spells late morning and afternoon.

From 2009 December weather
Note for Saturday 5th
Warmer than of late but we didn’t avoid more wet weather.
Note for Friday 4th
A nice sunny morning and early afternoon so we made the trip down to the plot to harvest some vegetables. It was cold and the soil wet and claggy. I wondered about the wisdom of continuing keeping records of harvests from the plot. It was cold on the hands and my parsnips and carrots came out of the ground with lots of wet soil attached. Most of the roots were still in good condition even after all the rain last month. I weighed the produce at home after removing most of the wet soil.
Note for Thursday 3rd
More of the same today. Daytime temperatures just a bit below average.
Note for Wednesday 2nd
Just a short sharp cold spell. Temperatures are back to average for the time of year.
Note for Tuesday 1st
Last night produced our first sub-zero temperature of the winter.
The grass was white and crunchy rather than soggy and the water in the bird bath had turned to ice.

From 2009 December weather
As well as giving the birds some food this morning the bird bath was re-filled with water. Even in cold weather the birds need to have water available for drinking and bathing.
The water butt outside the greenhouse is full from all the rain in November and the overspill was frozen over.

From 2009 December weather
Note for Monday 30th
The last hour of November was the coldest of the month with the temperature falling to 1.4°C.


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