Monday, 14 December 2009

A little more sunshine

Note for Sunday 13th
It’s the first time since the end of October that we’ve had 3 days with no recorded rainfall.

From 2009 December weather
Note for Saturday 12th
Mostly cloudy
Cloudy for most of the day although we did get some fleeting wintry sunshine at times.
Note for Friday 11th
Low point
A crisp, sunny and frosty start soon clouding over.

Today marks winter’s first milestone. The long term average temperatures have dropped to 7°C and 3°C which is the lowest they fall. The only way is up now as we head towards the New Year. Unfortunately it’s the end of January before there is any upward movement in long term average temperatures.
Note for Thursday 10th
Pleasant for December
A lovely December day
Note for Wednesday 9th
How long will it last?
A sunny mild day but the forecasters are predicting change as here on Sky Weather.
Note for Tuesday 8th
More of the same
Dull most of the day with just some short glimpses of sunshine.
Note for Monday 7th
Damp and Dreary
Dull all day. Very light drizzle for most of the afternoon.

New! The location of my weather station is in Ossett, West Yorkshire, England.

View Weather Station Location in a larger map


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