Thursday, 12 December 2019

Topsy Turvy Weather

We've had a mixed bag of weather so far this week but I'm not entirely convinced it's been as bad as the weather forecast suggested. That's up to now at least. It's been windy on and off but nothing out of the ordinary for December, which is often a windy month in any case. The temperature has been below freezing only to turn pretty mild a few hours later. 
Temperature & Rainfall Records 06-12 December 2019
Tuesday morning saw the coldest temperature of the month, at -1.3°C (29.7°F), as dawn broke but by lunchtime it had risen to 12.4°C (54.3°F) which is almost the mildest temperature of the month. The forecast for the weekend doesn't look too good with snow showers forecast for most of the day.
Forecast from Netweathertv
It doesn't look very good for allotmenting this weekend with a similar sort of forecast for Sunday too. In the garden some of our spring bulbs are beginning to poke their first shoots through. They'll be okay though even with a covering of snow.
It might be a weekend for having the camera at the ready just in case any snowy weather brings a few more unusual visitors to the garden looking for a tasty treat.
A grey squirrel visited earlier this week to finish off any sunflowers hearts that had been left by the goldfinches. Of course there's plenty of time for the forecast to change and we'll just finish up with a rather wet weekend.


  1. Topsy-turvy weather makes it (the weather) more interesting to me, though. My spring bulbs are spearing through the ground about the same height as yours, but they are outside.

    1. I can see why you might think our pots of bulbs are inside but they are outside on the patio. We keep them in pots so they can be moved to another part of the garden after flowering and be replaced with a pot of summer flowering plants. Our spring bulbs normally come through at this time of the year I don’t think this year’s bulbs are early.


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