Monday, 2 December 2019

November's Weather Review

If you follow my blog you'll probably be able to guess at November's weather review. Cold and wet sums it up.
Temperature & Rainfall Records for November 2010 - 2019
As you can see this November doesn't actually top either the temperature or rainfall charts but it is the second wettest and only 2010 produced a colder November. We had 29.2mm of rainfall on 07 November 2019 making it the wettest November day I've recorded. It's been a cold miserable month with very little sunshine.
Of course December brings the start of meteorological winter and a review of this autumn's temperature and rainfall records doesn't make any better reading than those of this November.
Autumn Temperature & Rainfall Records 2010 - 2019
Autumn 2019 is the wettest I've recorded by some considerable margin and the temperature is equal coldest with 2012 which makes 2019 the worst autumn I've recorded.

Finally, to finish off the review there's a video of our look around the plot at the end of the month below.


  1. I was going to suggest that the poor November was worse because it followed a poor September and a poor October - and reading on your figures for autumn bear this out! Your video brings home the cold conditions.

    1. It's not been a good autumn that is for sure. Hopefully winter will not turn out to be cold and wet. Don't think the plot will dry out before spring in any case.

  2. So fun to watch. I am especially amused by the conversations. But now I'm so cold I must go stand by the heater to warm up! Thank you for the video.

    1. We were ready for a hot drink by the time we got back home.


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