Thursday, 14 November 2019

Is It The Wettest I've Recorded?

A few more wet days this week kept us indoors although we did make one trip to the plot to harvest some fresh vegetables.
At the end of another wet day Sue asked me if it was the wettest spell of weather that we'd had since installing my weather station 10 years ago. I wasn't all that sure what the answer was.
12 Monthly Rainfall Totals 2010 -2019
I had this chart which tracks the rainfall we've had in the preceding 12 months. This means that at the end of this November it will show the rainfall over the period December 2018 to November 2019. Looking at the chart above the wettest 12 month period  was April 2012 to March 2013 with 926.1mm (36 in) of rainfall. The red line indicates the average rainfall over a 12 month period. As that seemed rather a long time scale I decided to check out our wettest 6 month and 3 months periods and produce a similar chart for each. 
6 Monthly Rainfall Totals 2010 -2019
This didn't produce a vastly different result with the wettest 6 month spell from April - September 2012 giving 564.7mm (22in) of rainfall.
3 Monthly Rainfall Totals 2010 -2019
Once again the wettest 3 month period fell within that very wet 12 month spell of weather with 322.5mm (13in) of rainfall through June, July and August 2012.

The answer to Sue's question then is that it isn't the wettest spell of weather we've had over the last 10 year which occurred through the summer months of 2012.


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