Friday, 22 January 2016

Still a Mild Winter

The cold spell to start off the year came to an end on Friday morning with rain spreading from the west and the temperature lifting. However after that record breaking mild December the last couple of weeks of colder weather haven’t completely managed to offset that mild December.
From the chart above it looks as though fairly average late January and February temperature would still give us a very mild winter.

If you haven't visited your allotment plot recently then I've finished editing the video of our visit on 18 January. If we hadn't anything to harvest I don't think we would have bothered but as it turned out we managed a decent harvest. 


  1. Oh dear, it's very grey and raining again here. I did enjoy the few days of blue skies.

    1. At least you had a few days of blue skies. It was mostly cloudy here. Looks like the mild, wet and windy weather is set to return for a while.


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