Thursday, 7 January 2016

Rotting Away!

Tuesday was another dull and dreary day. Wednesday wasn't much different although at one time in the early afternoon I thought it was actually going to clear up. The roads and paths were starting to dry up and the sun almost broke through the clouds but no sooner had it happened it began to pour down with rain and that was an end to the sunshine. Still my weather station recorded 18 minutes of sunshine the first of the year.

It seems to have been wet and damp for months now. I went into the garage for some onions and even the cardboard boxes the onions are stored in had gone soft in the dampness. Rain hadn't got through the roof it's just weeks of damp and dreary weather has taken its toll on the boxes and onions.
As I sorted out the best of the onions it was clear that many of them had rotted and were only good for the compost heap. We've a couple more boxes stored in the shed on the plot but I'm not expecting them to be in any better condition.

I've noticed that there are suggestions that winter may begin by the middle of next week with cooler temperatures and the possibility of snow showers almost anywhere across the country.


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