Monday, 20 May 2013


As if by magic Sunday was a much better day allowing us to get down to the plot and plant out some broad beans, peas and plant a few more potatoes. It was mostly cloudy all day with a few short sunny breaks in the afternoon but with the temperature making it to 19°C it was very pleasant working on the plot.

Our quince Meeches Prolific is almost into flower on the plot. It’s absolutely loaded with flower buds.

If all those flowers set fruit the branches won’t be able to take the weight. It would be a lovely problem to have though.

I've still got one patch of green manure to dig in. It’s over wintered pretty well with just a few bare patches showing. I sowed 2 varieties Winter Tares and Phacelia. The Phacelia sown in the centre of the bed is about to come into flower, which is loved by the bees, but unfortunately for them I’m going to strim down the top growth before digging the bed over. Our runner beans and sweet corn will be planted in this bed so I need to get this task done fairly soon. 
The green manure does seem to have kept any weed growth to a minimum in this bed so I think I might add this into my crop rotation. Once this year’s potatoes are lifted that bed will be sown with green manure which will be left to grow on over winter.

Original post from A Gardener's Weather Diary author M Garrett


  1. Nice tip on overwintering green manure. I've never got the timing right. But you better get a move on with the change in the weather . Those beans will be ready to go in soon!

  2. I think it might be hard work digging in that green manure. Will find out soon enough!!

  3. Are you going to strim it first?

  4. Yes I am but then I'm undecided about digging in all the top growth or adding some to my compost bin.


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