Sunday, 5 May 2013

Greenhouse Fruit

I was a little disappointed with Saturday as it didn't live up to its forecast. Not that it was a bad day but we had lots of cloud and a stiff cool breeze.

Sue posted on her blog about our fruit on the allotment. I thought I’d just mention the fruit we have in our home greenhouse. Our Brown Turkey fig which is growing in a large pot in the greenhouse is looking as well as I can remember and if all goes well we might have a nice crop of figs.

At the moment our thoughts are that the fig may spend all summer in the greenhouse. Whilst this will protect it from any bad weather it will be prone to attack from that dreaded greenhouse pest red spider mite. We will need to keep a careful watch for the slightest sign of this pest.

Our grape vine Himrod is now growing quickly and already showing the first signs of producing flower trusses.
The root of the vine is planted in the greenhouse but where it is able to spread its roots outside for moisture. This seems to have worked very well in the past and it finds all the water it needs without any help from me. Fortunately it normally seems to remain pest clear until the grapes are ripe when our blackbirds will risk all venturing into the greenhouse for a tasty grape. 

Original post from A Gardener's Weather Diary author M Garrett


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