Friday, 1 October 2010

Winter Onions Planted

As predicted Thursday had plenty of sunshine and was pleasantly warm. It was much better than the last few dull and dreary days. With more rain forecast for Friday I decided a visit to the plot to plant my winter onions was a priority. The onion sets Senshyu Yellow and Autumn Champion arrived from Dobies last week.

From 03 Weather 2010
There was a chance it would be too wet after yesterdays rain. The afternoon sun was warm but the grass still wet. Just had to take a few photos and video before planting my onions!

From 03 Weather 2010
The selected area for the onions needed a few weeds removing. The ground was quite wet, but weeds removed, the top couple of inches of the soil dug, and some fertilizer added the onion sets were soon in the ground.
From 03 Weather 2010
The rest of the bed just needs weeding now. Our small leek plants are in danger of disappearing under weeds. Hopefully if we don't get too much rain on Friday the weeds will be cleared over the weekend.


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