Sunday, 17 October 2010

Medlar Harvest

Saturday wasn’t too bad a day. The morning had some sunny spells, but in the afternoon the sunny spells were spoilt by intermittent brief showers. The rain only amounted to 0.2mm all afternoon.

I took this picture in the afternoon. I was hoping it would show the rainbow which admittedly was faint even to the naked eye. It can just about be made out in the photograph.
From 03 Weather 2010
We picked our medlars today. Although we only have a small number of fruits, about the same as last year, I think the fruits are considerably bigger this year.
From 03 Weather 2010


  1. What are Medlar's comparable to then???

  2. Hi Craig
    Good question and the answer is I’m not sure. Last year was the first time we had sufficient fruits to attempt medlar and apple jelly. It wasn’t 100 percent successful as it turned out to be a pretty stiff jelly. We couldn’t really decide on a taste , it’s supposed to be a caramel taste. We didn't fancy tasting raw bletted (or rotten) fruit. I’m going to try some jelly again this year if the fruits blet but I’m going to use less sugar and make sure I don’t let the set become too gooey. I’m sure we’ll add more details to the web site if we’re successful.


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