Monday, 31 May 2010


Note for Sunday 30th
There were some sunny periods today but it was windy rather spoiling the day. We also must have had more light rain overnight. Every drop helps at the moment.
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In the garden our medlar is on flower, which must be one of the last fruit crops to flower. More details on medlars can be found here. We are still waiting to see if our Kiwi will flower on the plot. Our fig plant is only just coming into leaf and so must still have to flower. I’m not sure about figs; I think the fig itself is some sort of flower.
From 02 Weather 2010

Note for Saturday 29th
Light rain
It was cloudy all day today with spells of light rain on and off throughout the day. At the moment any rain is welcome for the garden and plot but 5.5mm was a bit disappointing after such a dull and cloudy day.
Our plan of having some salad leaves, radish and spring onions at home rather than on the plot paid off today. We harvested salad leaves and radish from the greenhouse. The poor weather put us off visiting the plot.
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Note for Friday 28th
A drop of rain
We had a drop of rain overnight. It was only 2.1mm, not a great deal and not the watering the plot and garden needs.
We planted out winter cabbage on the plot. Each cabbage plant planting hole filled with water before planting to give it a fighting chance in the dry conditions. The forecast is for heavy rain tomorrow so we resisted the temptation to water any other plants
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Note for Thursday 27th
Cooling down
The temperature is on a steady decline after the highs of last week. I think the heat of last weeks makes us feel the cool even more.
In the greenhouse things are now growing very quickly. The temperature in the greenhouse remains good for growing even over night. At this time of year plants get more than 16 hours of daylight each day. The cold frame is full of plants getting accustomed to outdoor life, and more waiting to take their turn. So some planting out in the plot is needed cold weather or not. It is almost June and I’m worrying about cold overnight temperatures!

In the greenhouse our grapes look like having a good crop.
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Note for Wednesday 26th
It was a disappointingly cloudy day today. The clouds were thick enough by late afternoon to give some very light drizzle which was not enough to record on my rain gauge. It’s the fourth occasion this month that just light drizzle has fallen but in insufficient amounts to be recorded. It’s certainly not enough to have any effect on our very dry garden and plot. Temperatures are now back to average for late May.

Note for Tuesday 25th
Was that summer?
It was much cooler today with temperatures 10°C below those of recent days. It was cloudy too making it feel even cooler after the warmth of the last week. It’s 20 days now without rain although showers are forecast over the next few days. It’s also a Bank Holiday weekend coming up so I’m sure rain must be on its way.
We’ve got lots of vegetables and flowers in the cold frame ready for planting out on the plot. It would be so much easier after some rain avoiding the necessity to keep the young plants watered.
From 02 Weather 2010

Note for Monday 24th
It was another very pleasant May day with lots of sunshine especially in the afternoon. It wasn’t a repeat of the previous couple of days of exceptionally high temperatures and by late afternoon some of the clouds were dark and threatening rain. It never arrived and the dry spells continues. It’s now 19 days since we had any measurable rain and that was only 0.7mm making up the total rainfall for May.
We visited the RSPB reserve at Fairburn Ings in the afternoon. We seemed to be the only visitors who didn’t spot the kingfishers.
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