Monday, 3 May 2010

Single figures only

Note for Sunday 2nd
It certainly turned cooler today. The temperature didn’t make it into double figures as the maximum temperature only managed 9.4°C. Whilst the south of the country had plenty of rain over Bank Holiday Sunday it remained dry here.
From 02 Weather 2010
The wind was generally from the north which made it feel cold.
From 02 Weather 2010
All the seedlings in the greenhouse were covered with fleece to give them extra protection for a cold night with the possibility of an overnight frost.

Our pansies which managed to produce a few flowers even in the depths of winter are still giving us a really good show.
From 02 Weather 2010
Note for Saturday 1st
Cooler feel
Today the wind direction moved out of the south into a more north, north easterly direction and certainly gave the day a cooler feel as we moved into May.
From 02 Weather 2010
The morning was fairly sunny but it turned cloudier in the afternoon with the threat of showers but they didn’t materialise.
From 02 Weather 2010
Note for Friday 30th
Sunny spells
The weather produced a mixture today. We had some cloudy spells, a few sunny spells and in the late afternoon the cloud returned to give some light drizzle. The temperature was as expected for the last day of April.
Note for Thursday 29th
I should have known that mentioning April had been dry would bring some rain. It did but not much only 4.8mm, so April remains a dry month. Yesterday's temperature couldn’t last and today was cloudy and cooler but still a bit above average for the time of year.
Our new quince - Meeches Prolific is just coming into blossom.
Note for Wednesday 28th
Is this summer?
Wednesday was the warmest day of the year so far. It remained mild throughout the night. The forecast with a Bank Holiday weekend coming up is for much cooler weather over the weekend. April could turn out very dry if it doesn’t rain in the next couple of days.
Some of our rhubarb is beginning to flower. The flower spikes will be removed, hopefully to produce better stems for pulling.
Note for Tuesday 27th
Early summer feel
The warm spell continued and we took advantage of the excellent weather to visit the RSPB reserve at Bempton Cliffs on the Yorkshire coast to see the nesting sea bird colonies. It was pleasantly warm on the North Sea coast too even though it clouded over in the afternoon.
Back home another warm and dry day. The last few days has increased the average April temperature quite markedly.
Note for Monday 26th
Warm spell continues
It continued very mild for April. Another very nice day with plenty of sunshine in the afternoon after a cloudy morning which threatened rain that never arrived.
In the greenhouse plants are now growing quickly with the welcome rise in temperature.
Squash - Crown Prince



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