Monday, 2 November 2009

Record Rainfall

The weekend gave the wettest day since our records began, as forecasters like to say, but as this amounted to a little less than 2 weeks of records it is not too significant. Sunday also produced the windiest day since our records began.

Recent Rainfall

From 2009 November weather

The met office rainfall figures show some Yorkshire & Humberside stations recording in excess of 30mm of rain.

We did have a rare visitor taking a shower in the rain on Sunday morning.

For more information about sparrowhawks click here

Sundays wind and gust speeds

From 2009 November weather

My wind speeds are much lower than those recorded by the Met Office at Church Fenton where the highest recorded wind speed was 40mph with gusts of 55mph. So in our garden wind speeds above 5mph and gusts above 10mph represent windy weather.

It was windy enough to blow over our potted banana tree and bird table. The banana tree was blown over in a summer storm and the bird table is usually blown over a couple of times a year.

From 2009 November weather

Once the bird table was restored to its upright position on Monday morning our resident flock of sparrows were soon helping themselves to some breakfast.

If you look closely at the leaves of our banana tree you will see how they have been shredded by wind through summer and autumn.

From 2009 November weather

26th October – 1st November 2009
The last days of October were very pleasant but November has started much more like autumnal weather. For the record here is a summary of my records for last week.

From 2009 November weather


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