Monday, 16 November 2009

Sunday gave us a lovely sunny day.

The forecast is for more rain to come.

From 2009 November weather
I’ve overlaid the hourly temperature recordings over the max & min temperatures. It shows clearly the high temperatures recorded in the middle of Friday night / Saturday morning on the 13th / 14th.

I’ve replaced wind speed with the average daily temperature in chart 1

Now I’ve started keeping temperature records I was giving some thought as to what temperatures I really need to know as a gardener. Certainly daily minimum temperatures are vital to me as a gardener. The first and last frost dates govern the planting and growing of many vegetable crops in my area. Cold nights can stop some crops from growing or at very least give them a set back and delay or even ruin anticipated harvests.

I’m not sure how valuable the daily maximum temperature is to me. I don’t think any crops on the plot have died due to heat – wilted a bit maybe but have always recovered. It’s more of an indication of fine weather. As I’ve got my new weather station set up to give me a record of temperatures every hour I thought I should be able to make better use of this data. I think an average of these 24 temperatures recorded each day to give an average daily temperature should be interesting. It should represent the growing temperature for most of the day.

So I’ve replaced wind speed with the average daily temperature in chart 1 – so this chart now only deals with temperature records whilst chart 2 deals with rainfall records.


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