Monday, 10 February 2020

Storm Ciara Gone and Good Riddance

Storm Ciara was at its worst here through the morning with gale force winds and heavy rain. The rain was worse than the winds and by the end of the day Sunday had become our second wettest day of the last 10 years with 40.4mm or 1.6in of rainfall.
Rainfall, High Wind Speeds and Temperature Records 09 February 2020
The worst of the storm was at 11:00am as the 'Squall Line' passed through. The temperature plummeted by 5°C, the highest wind speed of 31mph was recorded and the rainfall intensity for a few minutes was 77.8mm/hr or 3.1in/hr. Luckily for us it didn't remain at that intensity for more than a few minutes but certainly it did in other parts of Yorkshire resulting in some serious flooding.
By the end of the day the day's rain came to 40.4mm (1.6in) making it our second wettest day of the last 10 years.
Top 20 Wettest Days 2010-2020
Luckily we've avoided any damage from the wind and rain although we haven't checked for any damage at the allotment. A month's worth of rain in one day will not have done much to help the allotment dry out.

Rather worrying though this is the forecast for Thursday.
Forecast from
The wind doesn't look to be an issue but it looks like more heavy rain or possibly even snow!


  1. And now Storm Dennis has arrived. Hope you are safe and well.

    1. For us Dennis turned out to be nothing more than an average winter storm. The heavy rain associated with Dennis has caused some serious flooding in parts of the UK but we didn't have all that much rain. I'll be glad when this run of stormy weather comes to an end.


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