Sunday, 8 September 2019

Almost a Frost!

September is certainly off to an unusual start. Firstly we've had some strong to gale force winds to contend with and then in the early hours of Sunday morning the temperature fell to 4.6°C (40.3°F) which is unusually cold for the first few days of September. The only other time we've had a temperature below the 5°C (41.0°F)mark so early in the month was 08 September 2013 when it fell to 4.2°C or 39.6°F. 
Temperature Records 06-08 September 2019
Hopefully, the allotment will have avoided a frost as well. Our climbing French beans and All Gold raspberries were still cropping really well but I don't think they'd appreciate a frost.
Raspberries - All Gold
Our Climbing French beans Cobra and Goldfield haven't enjoyed our recent windy weather but we tried a variety called Python and this variety has tolerated the windy weather much better as you can see in the video below.


  1. That's a clear bean demonstration, Martin. Thanks. Perhaps Monty Don could try them so we could all observe Monty's Python flying success? (Sorry) I'm still swithering about All Gold. Even if they tasted as sweet as Joan J for instance the colour is sending out the wrong signal. Do they make good jam? (I don't buy into red or blue potatoes, although yellow beetroot and multicoloured carrots are fine with me)

    1. Just done the translation of swithering. I don't think All Gold have as much flavour as red raspberries but in our case this year we would have been a raspberry free zone had it not been for All Gold. Don't make any jam so I'm not sure how they would jam. I'm okay with red potatoes but given up on multicoloured carrots and beetroot although I'm not entirely sure why.


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