Monday, 12 August 2019

A Stormy Weekend

The forecast promised a stormy weekend and that's what we had. Saturday saw the worst of the storm with gale force winds developing on Saturday afternoon and lasting well into the evening.
Temperature & High Wind Speed Records 09-11 August 2019
The highest wind speed recorded in our garden at plant level on Saturday evening was 27.0 mph which is equal highest with 11 August 2014. These are the only two occasions over the last 10 years that we've had such strong gusts of winds in August.  Fortunately, we didn't have any heavy rain associated with the storm.

We did manage a trip to the plot, to do a little bit of harvesting and tidying up, on a very windy and showery Saturday afternoon. Eventually, we got fed up with having to make hasty retreats into the shed to avoid the showers and headed for home.
Potatoes Vivaldi on the left and Winston on the right 
During the afternoon, I dug up a couple of rows of potatoes which for some reason or another hadn't grown particularly well and while the crop on Vivaldi wasn't too bad, the same couldn't be said for Winston. Many of the potatoes on Winston were pest damaged and some roots hadn't produced any potatoes at all. We will probably be replacing Winston with one of our more successful trial varieties next year.

The forecast for the next week to ten days is for the weather to remain unsettled and after a rather milder than average start to August the temperature is set to fall. Autumn seems to be on its way already.

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