Wednesday, 15 May 2019

The Cold Nights Have It!

We've had a couple of lovely days with the temperatures through the day making it into the low 20 degrees Celsius or around the 70 degree Fahrenheit mark. However, us gardeners are never satisfied with the weather. The problem is that in May, it's not so much the daytime high temperatures that cause problems but more the night time lows.
Average May Low Temperatures 2010 -2019
The table above show the running average low temperatures for May for the last 10 years. The red box highlights the average temperature by the time we've reached the fourteenth of the month and as you can see 2019 has now become the coldest with a temperature of 5.0°C or 41.0°F. Hopefully, that value will now go on increasing over the rest of May.
It's been cold enough for a light frost to catch the leaves of some of our emerging potatoes although some have remained unscathed. Checking over our strawberry flowers they all seem undamaged so not too much harm done. It's not the first time our potatoes have been caught by the frost and they've always recovered in the past.


  1. I think the spuds will bounce back - just as the (nightime) temperatures have. I got so used to covering up or moving everything indoors that I now feel like a free man each nightfall!

    1. Tomatoes are starting to grow quickly now after standing still for a couple of weeks after transplanting. Dare I plant are dahlias out! Might have to put the fleece away.


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