Sunday, 14 April 2019

Cold Spell Goes On!

We've decided not to visit the allotment over the weekend. We spent a few cold days there last week and we've decided to hold off doing any more planting until the cold spell of weather breaks. It's now becoming a rather prolonged cold spell although the early part of next week is forecast to see temperatures rising to more normal levels for the middle of April.
The average monthly temperatures for the year make interesting reading, although perhaps not if you are a gardener. April's average temperature is now lower than both March and February. We are still waiting for an April day to be warmer than the warmest days in February and March too. Spring temperatures are heading in the wrong direction at the moment and getting colder rather than warmer.

The cold frame was covered with some fleece to give some protection from the cold and to keep the blackbirds out as they enjoy digging around in the damp compost. 
However, in the open garden there is not that much we can do to protect plants from the cold nights. We've got a couple of pieris and the new leaves that should be a lovely bright red colour have been turned into frost burnt brown.
If we get some sunshine today to warm up the greenhouse a little bit, I'll start sowing some tomato seeds. They'll be grown on for a week or more in our indoor propagator and hopefully by the time they've germinated temperatures will have warmed up enough for them to be safely moved into the greenhouse to grow on.  


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