Thursday, 11 October 2018

A Brief Return to Summer

After the cold weekend, the weather's turned much milder and we've had a few very pleasant days, summer like days. On Wednesday afternoon the temperature reached 21.3°C or 70.3°F which is the first time this month we've been above the 20 degree C or 70 degree F mark.
 Temperature & Rainfall Records 05-11 October 2018
On Wednesday afternoon to make the most of the fine weather, we decided on an afternoon trip to RSPB Old Moor. Storm Callum is due to arrive during Thursday night bringing wet and windy weather for Friday and into the weekend.
RSPB Old Moor
It's usual for the birds to do a disappearing act when we turn up and Wednesday afternoon wasn't any different. The birds that were in range of our lenses decided to look the other way and keep a very low profile.
This sparrowhawk was looking in the right direction but was determined to make getting a photo as difficult as possible. It was perched in a hedge in deep shade with a very low afternoon sun behind the hedge.
We're planning a bit more tidying up on the plot this afternoon (Thursday) before the arrival of storm Callum.


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