Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Are Your Runners Beans Setting?

I’ve seen a few posts on Facebook about the first trusses of runner bean flowers not setting any beans. I've also seen a few lucky gardeners picking their first beans. I’m assuming that the flowers failing to set beans is down to the weather. On our watering visit to the plot I decided to check out how ours were doing as they’re just coming into flower.
Runner Bean - Firestorm
The runner beans certainly aren’t setting any beans despite the best effort of this bee to pollinate them. Hopefully, they’ll decide to set some beans higher up as the plants continue to climb up the supports.

It was better news when I checked out our climbing French beans Cobra. Checking out the lowest flower trusses they are beginning to set some beans. 
Climbing French Beans - Cobra
Hopefully, conditions aren’t too bad and our runners will get the message and start setting fruit too. The beans should go on growing well into autumn so there’s plenty of time for the beans to form. In the meantime we've plenty of cabbage ready and a steady stream of cauliflowers to cut.
Cabbage - Regency & Cauliflower - Helsinki
Our calabrese still keeps producing a few side shoots too so we've plenty of fresh vegetables for the cooking pot.


  1. Lots of flowers on ours and I am pinching out the tops on each visit. No beans yet (just broad beans and peas).

    1. We've had a few broad beans and a couple of rows of peas are cropping well.

  2. My Runners have now produced the grand total of 9 pods! Most of the flowers low down on the plants have not set. Lots more flowers up top, so I'm still hopeful. My "Cobra" beans are in full swing and giving a very decent crop.

    1. No pods at all on our runners yet but they're still climbing the canes so I'm remaining hopefully of a decent crop.

  3. get a spray bottle spray them with water to help open them i did mined yesterday then i had lots of bees flying and out blessing to you both


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