Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Planted Up As The Dry Spell Continues

Despite the best predictions of the weather models for showers or thunderstorms over the last week or so it's remained stubbornly dry apart from the odd bit of drizzle from low cloud. 
Temperature & Rainfall 14 May - 13 June 2018
It's the driest spell I've recorded from the beginning of May through to 13 June with a miserly 19.2mm or 0.76in of rainfall. The only year that comes close to this is 2010 which managed 30.3mm (1.19in) over the same period with a very dry May producing just 10mm (0.39in) of rainfall but by this stage of June we'd had 20.3mm or 0.80in.

The warm weather trend is also continuing into June, following on from the warmest May I've recorded, the first two weeks of June have continued the trend resulting in the warmest June I've recorded at this stage of the month.

On the plot it's been very slow progress sowing and planting. The dry ground has made digging and ground preparation both slow and difficult. As more seeds or plants get into the ground it means more time is spent watering and less for ground preparation, sowing and planting.
Our leeks were finally planted out yesterday and we felt with that completed it meant our beds were finally planted up. To be honest until we get a reasonable amount of rain we've no ground suitable for cultivation. All our empty beds resemble concrete rather than soil. Our leek plants weren't the strongest looking specimens but they've got plenty of time to grow on before they are ready for harvesting. One plant that hasn't minded the conditions is our cardoon. It must be deep rooted and finding plenty of moisture and with no damaging winds so far it's looking rather spectacular.
That statement should be enough to bring on some wet and windy weather!


  1. The next three days should provide some rain - but with wind thrown in too - just so you don't get the idea that the weather gods are appeased.

    1. Thursday lunchtime and the gale force winds have arrived but still no rain!

  2. Your doing a grand job Martyn and Sue and blessings


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