Thursday, 6 June 2013

Job Done

The sun more or less disappeared on Wednesday and only managed to put in an appearance for 50 minutes rather than 10 hours on Tuesday. It was dry and mild though so not too bad a day.

I decided to finish the job I’d started by having a bonfire on Tuesday night and get this part of the plot ready for planting up. The pile of smouldering ash left on Tuesday night had totally burnt away and there wasn't even a pile of ashes to  spread around.

It certainly was in need of a tidy up and perhaps it was a good thing that the sun wasn't out as it was pretty hot work clearing away the weeds and cultivating the cleared ground. In the end the area didn't look too bad and it was much tidier than it had been a few days before.
There’s some areas that still need a sort out but at least they'll be hidden once the dahlias and annual flowers are growing.

I've always understood that irises have to have their roots baked in the summer sun to make them flower. I don't know when these were baked last summer but they’re putting on a spectacular display on the plot. 

Original post from A Gardener's Weather Diary author M Garrett

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  1. Such a great hard work! The area is ready for new planting season! ;)


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