Sunday, 31 March 2013


Our holiday to Thatched Cottage in Worcestershire didn't go entirely to plan due to the rotten weather, in particular the snowfall. It was touch and go as to whether we attempted the journey or not. Thankfully being able to scan all the motorway cameras for the biggest part of our journey was really useful.

Having arrived the problem then was would be able to get out again. As we were self catering on our first full day in the cottage we needed to find some groceries. Overnight snow caused us some concern but unlike some parts of the country it wasn't too deep where we we staying so a trip to the local farm shop was possible. 

The return trip home was uneventful although there was still snow around on the ground for virtually the whole journey. Looking back though things could certainly have been a whole lot worse.

Back home today I've had a little look around the garden to see how things have changed in the week we've been away. The answer is not a lot. Our Tete a Tete daffodils are in flower surrounded by the remnants of last weeks snow but looking very pretty.
Outside the greenhouse our Apricot “Flavourcot” is almost ready to burst into flower. It’s probably going to need to be covered at night to give the flowers some frost protection. I wonder if there’ll be any insects around during the day to carry out pollinating duties. Sue may have to get her tickling stick out. 
In the greenhouse there is still very little action. Some of our potatoes are now starting to form shoots or chits. I’m not too worried though as I haven’t got any ground prepared on the plot for planting them so they could well be spending a few more weeks “chitting”.
Vales Emerald on the left are still showing virtually no signs of shooting but the variety Winston on the right is starting to produce some strong looking dark green shoots. None of the potatoes appear to be frost damaged even though the temperature in the greenhouse fell to -3.1°C early on Friday morning.

So things are starting to grow very slowly but in the garden we’re still waiting for spring to show up. It’s gone missing at the moment.

Original post from A Gardener's Weather Diary author M Garrett


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