Friday, 15 February 2013

Final Potatoes Arrive

Thursday was a massive improvement weather wise. Yesterday’s snow melted overnight as the temperature lifted and we even had a few sunny spells through the day. According to the BBC some places had their warmest February day this year but that wasn't the case for us as we managed a just above average 8.4°C by 13:30.

It didn’t manage to beat the 10.2°C on the 04 February which was rather bizarrely recorded at 03:00.

Our final seed potatoes arrived today from D T Brown. These final two varieties are Vales Emerald which we liked so much last year that we were determined to give it another go and Harmony. This is a new potato to us which we are hoping will provide us with some good size baking potatoes. It’s a Scottish bred early maincrop variety.

Now a milder spell of weather has arrived I think it’s time our seed potatoes came out of the garage and into the greenhouse to start chitting. It’s also time that we planted some onion sets into modules to give them an early start. These will grow on in the greenhouse until space is required for more tender early crops probably some time in April.

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  1. I've heard lots of good reviews of Vales Emerald, I'll have to give them a go sometime. Sunny here today, I'm hoping for a decent weekend.


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