Friday, 25 January 2013

Steady Thaw But?

Thursday was a dull day but nevertheless the slow thaw continued as the temperature soared to an almost tropical 2.4°C. That’s our warmest day since the 15 January.

Our hosta pots still have a top hat of snow. We've never given our hostas any winter protection so the assumption is that they will survive this cold spell. Overnight into Friday morning was once again very cold with the temperature down to -4.8°C.

We’re now due one more heavy snowfall tonight and into Saturday morning before mild, wet and windy weather sweeps in from the west over the weekend bringing to an end our current cold spell.

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  1. It's forecast to start this afternoon here, we haven't got rid of the last lot yet.

  2. I think most of it's due over night.

  3. Love the top hats! We've got lots here too on bird tables too. Can't complain about our snow as until now its not been too disruptive until yesterday where we got a heavy load. Never see snow risk over until after February and sometimes March.

    Lovely blue sky this morning here - perfect for sunbathing birds. Guessing my count will be low. Enjoy the bird count (guessing you take part).

    1. Our top hats were topped off a little over night. I always think January and February are the worst months as far as weather goes.

      Sunny here too this morning with the snow melting quickly. Food out ready for the birds and the counting.


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