Sunday, 3 June 2012

Ready for the Chop

Saturday continued the poor start to June with another dull day and cool temperatures.
On the plot we managed to erect some wigwams and plant out our runner beans. The recent rain had softened up the ground and some of our potatoes were weeded and earthed up.

There are now a couple of dull but important tasks to be accomplished. The Phacelia sown back in March as green manure is in bud and is ready for chopping down and digging in. Our Comfrey is also ready for its first cut of the year. This might be added to the compost heap or used to make a liquid fertiliser to use throughout the summer. The latter being the smelliest option.  
Top row and bottom left Phacelia. Bottom right Comfrey.


  1. Hope you are saving one leek seed head for seed!

  2. Hi Mal
    I will do now. Thanks for the idea. It's not stopped raining here today!


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