Sunday, 20 March 2011

Back from Cumbria

We've just returned home from a week in Cumbria. My weather station almost kept operational whilst we were away. Some tiny glitch saw part of my web site stop uploading correctly in the middle of the week but the weather was all still recorded on my PC.

The weather in Cumbria was much like the weather at home. At first the weather was a little threatening but it didn't stop us getting out and about.
From 2011 Weather Pictures 1
Then some good sunny weather which we made the most of with a trip into the Lake District and a trip over the Kirkstone Pass.
Kirkstone Pass       
In the middle of the week we had some pretty dull and dreary weather. We visited the RSPB Reserve on Geltsdale Moor. By the time we arrived we were in the clouds and it felt rather cold and damp. We didn't spot many birds but could hear them calling in the mist which hung on the fells.

RSPB  Reserve Geltsdale  
Then the week finished with some glorious sunny weather on our visits to Gretna Green and Hadrain's Wall.

We decided on a trip to Scotland as we were close to the border and decided out of curiosity to visit Gretna Green.
Gretna Green - Scotland   
We visited the National Trust site of Housesteads Fort the site of an ancient Roman Fort. It was another sunny day making the most of the spectacular scenery.
National Trust site - Housesteads Fort    
Our return trip home on Saturday was made in some lovely sunny weather although it clouded over in the afternoon.


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