Thursday, 2 December 2010

Mr GL might be in trouble.

I’ve noticed lots of comments amongst the bloggists on Mrs GL's blog praising the delights of cyclamens. Well I too like cyclamen and last week you may remember this photo of them in our stone tub on Mrs GL’s blog.

A couple of days later after some very cold nights and a little dusting of snow these looked a little bit frozen. It was suggested (by Mrs GL) they were moved under cover to give them some protecting. I thought we probably wouldn’t get much more snow! It was still late autumn, so the chances of it being really cold and snowy were pretty small. All this went against the weather forecast. By now the cyclamen looked like this.

Just a couple more hints which I carefully ignored suggesting it might have been better to give them some protection. These are hardy cyclamen after all, they should be able to put up with this sort of weather. Things didn’t improve.

More overnight snow fell and I now wished I put them under cover. By now the plants were covered in snow, their condition unknown!

Along came Wednesday and it snowed most of the day. It was heavy in the morning, more showery in the afternoon. The temperature didn’t get above zero and well the cyclamen now look like this!

Protected from any more severe frosts which are predited for later this week by a thick blanket of snow. Let's hope the flowers survive intact or I may get earache!


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