Thursday, 25 March 2010

Cloudy and mild

Note for Wednesday 24th
Today was another cloudy and mild day. Only a few weeks ago it seemed like the temperature would never reach double figures again.
From 2010 Weather 1
Note for Tuesday 23rd
Cloudy again
It was cloudy for most of the day. We did have some sort spells of sunshine and with light winds it was quite pleasant. Like yesterday we had some light rain in the early evening.
Some of our later rhubarb is now ready to burst into growth.
From 2010 Weather 1
Note for Monday 22nd
The day started off with a little sunshine which didn’t last and by midmorning the cloud arrived. The afternoon was dull with bits of drizzly rain. In the early evening we had a couple of short sharp showers.
Last week was a warm week for March and it lifted the average temperature for the month by about 2°C from a rather cold 3.8°C on the 14th to 5.7°C by the 21st of the month.
From 2010 Weather 1



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