Monday, 15 February 2010

A little bit of sun

Note for Sunday 14th
A mostly cloudy day to end another cold February week.
From 2010 Weather 1
Note for Saturday 13th
It was back to cloudy today after a couple of brighter sunnier days. It still doesn’t get any warmer. Not a single February day has yet reached the average maximum temperature for the time of year. Perhaps next week, although it appears unlikely from the forecasts.
Note for Friday 12th
Sun, showers and cloud
All sorts today. A few sunny spells, some bits and bobs of rain and plenty of cloud. Not enough in the showers to trouble the rain gauge. Milder but temperatures still below average for the time of year.
Note for Thursday 11th
Sunny and cold
A lovely day of almost unbroken sunshine. Still cold but in the sunshine not too bad. Visited the plot to harvest some vegetables. One sign that spring is on its way; our first snowdrops are almost out on the plot.
From 2010 Weather 1
Note for Wednesday 10th
Sunny again
A repeat of yesterday but colder. Sunny periods with a few flurries of snow but not enough to leave a covering.
From 2010 Weather 1
Note for Tuesday 9th
For the first time in a week the sun shone and everything seemed much less gloomy. The sun did little to improve the temperatures.

Note for Monday 8th
Dull and cloudy again
No change from yesterday except that the temperature fell a little lower.
Our Crown Prince squashes stored in the greenhouse are now showing signs of the prolonged cold spell. May need to try a different place to store them next year.
From 2010 Weather 1
Mean Weekly Temperature Tables
I’ve added the charts below to compare our weekly temperatures this year with those of both cold and warm winters. The figures for 1965 represent an average week based on the period 1772-2009.  The figures are mean temperatures for each day.

Table produced using data from the Met Office Hadley Centre. The data covers the period 1772 to 2009


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