Friday, 30 October 2009

Dry Weather makes difficult digging

July was very wet down on the plot but since then it’s been dry. Cleared plots are in need of some rain to make winter digging easier.
From Green Lane Allotments Weather Diary

This bed was cleared of summer squashes and beans a few weeks ago and is now ready to be dug over for the winter. This will be much easier after some rain. Our soil is heavy and when it’s dry it’s more like concrete than soil. Some rain will miraculously change its condition from concrete to pleasant workable soil so I’ve been hanging on waiting to dig the cleared plots for a few weeks now. Another Atlantic depression is due to pass our way over the weekend. With luck this will give the plot a good watering and leave it suitable for digging.
From 2009-10 October

This bed was dug over at the beginning of October. Old blackcurrant bushes were well past their best failing to produce any currants at all this year. They have been removed and the plot dug over. The bed hadn’t been dug for many years and the soil was very well compacted. It’s been left in huge lumps. I’m hoping that the winter rains and frost will break up these clods leaving it just perfect for digging in spring.

The Atlantic depression on its way should be a test for our newly installed rain gauge. All it’s had to measure so far is drizzle so a good rain should give it a test.
From Weather Station

This is my rainfall data going into the weekend. The 1.4mm on 21st October wasn’t rain at all just that I felt I needed to check the gauge worked before it actually had to measure some rainfall.
So now it’s all down to the Atlantic depression due this weekend.


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