Wednesday, 29 September 2021

No Rain and No wind comes to an end

There’s not been much to say about the weather through August and September. All that has changed as we come to the end of September. For the last couple of months there’s been no unusually hot days or cold days to report as well as no windy weather or wet days.

 The allotment has become very dry with no rain to speak of since the end of July. Our cardoons have certainly suffered in the dry conditions.

Cardoons - September 2021

Our overwintering garlic and onions have needed watering regularly since they were planted a few weeks ago. The same is true of our sweet Williams for cut flowers next spring and our new strawberry plants which we hope will produce some strawberries for next summer.

Sweet Williams

However, the most obvious weather effect over the last few months has been the lack of low pressure systems that bring wet and windy weather.

Monthly average wind speeds 2011 - 2021

The table above shows the average wind speed for each month beginning in 2011. I’ve boxed out in red the last six months for which the average wind speeds for each month have all been below average.

There is no guarantee about anything when it comes to weather.

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