Monday, 2 August 2021

July - A wet month with a drought

July has been an odd month. It started off on the cool and wet side before turning dry and hot. 

Through the middle of the month we had our heatwave with 7 consecutive days above 25°C and this coincided with 13 days without any rain.

Temperature & Rainfall Records 01 - 30 July 2021

This combination was enough to dry out the ground, and certainly the allotment and garden were in need of some wet weather. The drought was broken by thunderstorms, which arrived on the 27th of the month bringing some much welcome rainfall.

I was expecting the ground at the allotment to have had enough rain to make it much easier for digging, but I was surprised at just how dry the ground remains when I lifted some Casablanca potatoes on Saturday the last day of July. I did manage to dig over the bed ready for planting out some late cropping French beans plants.

For the records here's how this July compared with those since 2010.
July average temperatures and rainfall 2010-2021

In summary then, a wet month with above average temperatures and a drought in the middle. I've included a video showing how dry our ground was when I lifted our Casablanca potatoes.


  1. We got the severe gales (I have forgotten the name of the storm ) but anyway ,not much rain here on the Lizard , Cornwall . Water-but is still less than a third full !

    1. I thought you’d had lots of rain in Cornwall. We’ve been lucky and avoided any really windy weather. Summer seems to have disappeared for the moment here.


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