Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Summer Last Tuesday But Winter Returns This Tuesday

It seems hard to believe now that only a week ago we were basking in summer-like temperatures. Of course, I realised then that sort of weather wouldn’t last but I never expected a return to temperatures more suited to January.


Through Tuesday afternoon we even had a few snow showers to help with the illusion that winter had returned.

 I’ve overlaid the temperature records for last Tuesday and this Tuesday in the image below.


Temperature Records for 30 March & 06 April 2021

The average temperature for Tuesday 06 April 2021 has become the lowest April value I’ve recorded in the last 12 years. It takes over from 01-April-2013 when the average temperature for the day was 2.4°C or 36.3°F. That lowest value has now become 2.1°C or 35.8°F.

Although the forecast is for a slight improvement in the temperature as we head through the week, the weather models are suggesting a return to lower and very unseasonable temperatures by the weekend. Any serious gardening activities are on hold until there's a change in the weather.


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