Saturday, 23 May 2020

Lockdown Day 61 - Winter Gales Return

The weather this May just gets dafter. It's only a week or so ago that we had a cold frosty night with the lowest May temperature I've recorded so far into May. Then within a week, we had the hottest day of the year and the hottest May day I've recorded. That seems a while ago now but it was only a couple of days ago on Wednesday. The temperature cooled down on Thursday but it turned out to be a very pleasant May day. It was enough to tempt us to plant out our dahlias which are growing quickly now.
I'm not so sure it was a good idea as yesterday, Friday has seen the strongest winds I've recorded during May over the last 10 years.
Temperature & Wind Speed Records 16-22 May 2020
Hopefully, the dahlias might have got a little bit of protection from the gale force winds by the cold frame providing the cold frame hasn't become a casualty of the winds.

Yesterday's highest gust speed of 29 mph is circled in red above. The previous highest in May was 28mph way back on 09 May 2014.

Within a couple of weeks, we've had the latest coldest night in May, the hottest May day and the highest wind speed in May to contend with. The one thing we haven't had this May is any rain and we are in need of that very badly but more of that in another post.


  1. I have paused in my planting program too - waiting for the wind to abate. I will be very surprised if there is any of the fleece covering remaining over the cucurbits I planted out at the school!

    1. We need rain as well as the wind to abate. Haven't had a wet day since the middle of March. I'm wondering about the cold frame which I anchored down for summer conditions not for winter gales. Our cucurbits are still safely tucked up at home. They'll need to go out soon though.


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