Friday, 8 November 2019

More Rain - Another Wettest Day of the Year

Friday morning has begun on a brighter note after a prolonged spell of rain through most of Thursday.
Thursday's rainfall amounted to 29.2mm (1.15in) the most we've had in one day this year and it took over the record from 25 October, only a couple of weeks ago, when we had 25.8mm or 1.02in. 
Temperature & Rainfall Records 06-08 November 2019
Thursday became the eighth wettest day of the last 10 years displacing 29 September this year, from the table, which saw 20.4mm or 0.80in. Each of the last three months has had one very wet day.
Top Twenty Wettest Day 2010-2019
Towards the end of September the ground at the allotment was very dry but since the weather turned, at the end of September, we've managed a total of 234.0mm (9.21in) of rainfall with only a few totally dry in amongst the prolonged spell of wet weather. Our average rainfall over the year is 600mm or 23.6in.


  1. Those red red leaves are stunning.

    Look at these headlines: "One of the longest November dry periods in Northwest history" and "Increasingly unusual dry autumn conditions persist; fire season continues until further notice".
    Seems to me that Earth's water budget is severely unbalanced!

  2. Hello, again, Are you in any danger from flooding? All the news I can get over here is about south Yorkshire, Doncaster and Rotherham.

    1. Hi Jane
      There's been a bit of localised flooding around Wakefield, all the usual places when we gets lots of rain, but Doncaster is about 20 miles south of us where the river Don has flooded. One major problem is that we build on flood plains and then act surprised when homes get flooded.

      At the moment we are on the cold side of the jet stream which is to our south so all the low depressions coming in off the North Atlantic are very slow moving. On Thursday the low pressure just got stuck over West and South Yorkshire hence 24 hours of almost continuous rainfall.

      Our temperatures have been well below normal too all through October and into November especially daytime temperatures. Wet weather normally brings us mild temperatures but not at the moment.

      I'm all for sharing some of our rainfall in return for a little bit of warmth.


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