Sunday, 10 March 2019

Is The Benefit Slipping Away?

After two dry months to start off the year something had to give, and up to know we are waiting for our first rain free March day. Those lovely mild February days seem a long time ago, as we try to plan a trip to the allotment avoiding wet and windy weather.
We'd made really good progress at getting beds dug over ready for spring planting and the soil was just in the right condition for sowing and planting. I'm guessing that will not be the case now, with 32mm (1.3in) of rainfall already in March. That's almost as much as we had in January and February combined. It's beginning to feel like that all that early progress made in February is beginning to slip away, especially with another wet and windy week forecast.

It's tempting to start sowing some seeds to keep up with the trend on social media. I'd managed to resist the temptation until now by not sowing any seeds until Friday. I'd been considering sowing our leeks earlier, as they seem to take a long time from sowing to the time when they’re ready for planting out so I decided to get them sown. They will stay in the greenhouse for the next month or so before moving outside into the coldframe.
I popped in a few lettuce seeds as well. I'm not sure if they will germinate or not but there's plenty of seeds in the packet for successional sowings.

Next on the planting list is some early Casablanca potatoes in boxes in the plot greenhouse. We're aiming to get that done in the next dry spell when we can get down to the allotment and also harvest some fresh vegetables.


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