Sunday, 10 February 2019

Storm "Erik"

Storm Erik has blown through leaving Sunday morning much calmer. Saturday became our wettest day of the year with 6.2mm (0.24in) of rainfall which is nothing out of the ordinary. Storm Erik did manage to make it into my list of top twenty windiest days of the last ten years.
It's probably fair to say that 13 January this year was windier as it had a higher average wind speed measured over the whole day.
Temperature & Wind Speed Records 08-10 February 2019
The highest wind speeds were in the early hours of Saturday morning with storm Erik finally easing through Saturday afternoon.

At home the garden has survived without any damage and hopefully there will be nothing damaged at the allotment either.


  1. Warmer, wetter, windier is welcome after the sustained cold period. (The windier was not that much windier for us on the East coast)

    1. Forecasts appear to have given up on the idea of a really cold spell of weather for the moment. I hope it's not going to arrive in March like it did last year just in time for the start of the growing season!


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